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Family Safety

HelpNow is a social organization, commissioned by IIT Bombay and AIIMS Delhi Alumni to provide quick and quality medical response to all 1.4 billion Indians.

In India, the average ambulance arrival time is 47 minutes. Using our unique technology and operations expertise , we are reducing it to less than 10 minutes.

The current Indian scenario -
->1 Death every 4 minutes due to road accidents in India.
->34% rise in heart attack cases in Mumbai,6.2 Crore years of lives lost prematurely due to Heart Diseases
->India to have 7.94 Crore Diabetic Patients by 2030
->Over 1.4 million cases of Medical Emergencies in the state of Maharashtra alone last year

HelpNow FAMILY SAFETY package comes for just rupees 149/month, costs less than a movie ticket covering the entire family.

The following benefits can be availed by HelpNow members :-

1. 24x7 Medical help across Mumbai and suburbs.
2. Free unlimited First-Aid and Ambulance trips.
3. All family members at the same address covered.
4. Priority treatment with subsidised charges and zero formalities at top govt. & private hospitals.
5. Free Health Check-ups and wellness sessions conducted quarterly.

HelpNow life-saving card will be delivered to you and your family within 7 days of registration, after which the member can enjoy the benefits!


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