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Cancellation Policy

  • 100% of cancellation charges applicable for regular booking.
  • Refund of any valid cancellation amount will take 10 working days and will attract 5% of payment gateway charges.

Terms and Conditions

  • For intra-city and Air-Ambulances or cases where the bill amount increases Rs.50,000, we will consider bookings confirmed only after payments have been made into the bank account and we receive a confirmation of the same. In case of a technical or bank related delay on this, we will do a full refund of the payment made.
  • In such a case, by making a full/partial payment, you are agreeing to the rlies that apply for each booking, maintain the sanctity and decorum during the trip to and from the location provided.
  • Patient agrees to authorize HelpNow to call or send service related transactional SMS messages, even in the case that Member's contact number is listed as DND with the concerned telecom regulatory authority.

Privacy Policy

  • HelpNow promises to not share your personal information/data with any external/third party agency for marketing, sales, etc. purposes. We might send you an occasional update ourselves but feel free to opt out of that as well.
  • For any concerns/queries, do reach out at